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Corrosion Protection

We help your company increase uptime by providing corrosion and abrasion resistant liners for pipe, vessels and other process equipment. We use thermoplastic resins and a process called rotational lining to create a long-lasting liner inside vessels and pipe with complex geometries, large diameters, and lengths up to 20’.

For over 30 years, we have served customers in chemical processing, mining and fracking, oil and gas, water handling, and desalination industries. We install thermoplastic liners in pipe, tanks, pressure vessels, scrubbers, fittings, pumps, valves, flowmeters, filter housings, heat exchangers, and other custom process equipment. We also specialize in corrosion protection for electronic chemical applications, semiconductor, or other high purity uses.

Advantages of Rotational Lining For Corrosion Protection

Rotational lining protects equipment against mild abrasion and aggressive, corrosive materials such as acids (hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, nitric, sulfuric), caustics (sodium hydroxide), sulfides (hydrogen sulfide), halogens (chlorine, bromine), brine, and seawater.

Complex parts are easily lined without access to internal surfacesComplex internal components, such as large baffles, are difficult to line
Seamless liners eliminate failure prone weld jointsRotational lining is a shop process, which means the liner cannot be installed in the field
The liner has a mechanical bond, which eliminates the need for adhesives, thereby reducing the risk of disbonding of the linerThe size of equipment that can be lined is limited to the dimensions of the rotational lining oven
High structural integrity of the part is maintained
Easy to seal flanges with reduced risk of leak in operation
Operating temperatures allowed through the full temperature range of the chosen thermoplastic liner
Durable thick liner (up to 0.50”**) offers abrasion protection, impact resistance, and corrosion protection against most chemicals
Rotational lining creates liners that can withstand vacuum

**Liner thickness varies for material and application

40% of Structural Failures in Oil & Gas Production are caused by Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

Microbes, found in seawater, freshwater, soils, and fuels, deteriorates the material surface and causes stress cracking, a condition otherwise known as MIC. Protecting your pipeline with RMB BIO-ARMOR™ liner safeguards against both MIC and aqueous corrosion in brine and saltwater applications. RMB BIO-ARMOR is a rotationally-lined blend of antimicrobial powder and HDPE.  This liner effectively eliminates over 99% of microbes.

What makes our rotolining manufacturing process different?

  An RMB partner providing Tite Liner® Polyethylene Lining Systems for Pipeline Corrosion Protection

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