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Aerospace Solutions

We are experts at manufacturing thermoplastic interior components with complex geometries suited to ECS ducting, tanks, drip pans, and other applications. Our solutions increase value and reduce downtime for our customers. We have worked with all major aerospace OEM and Tier 1 suppliers in the commercial and defense industry for over 45 years, using rotational molding and additive manufacturing  processes.

Content on Existing Platforms

We serve commercial and defense industries providing solutions for rotary and fixed wing aircraft. If you have a product in mind that you would like quoted, please contact us.

Engineered Resin Formulation

We are also a long-established leader in custom resin formulation for highly specialized applications. Our thermoplastics are processed in-house to ensure quality and consistency. We are able to produce custom formulations for your specific applications.

Resin Machine

Our proprietary nylon resin, RMB 437, is qualified to multiple aerospace specifications including BMS 8-270 Type I, Class 4, Form D.

Comparison of Rotational Molded or Additive Manufactured Ducts to Composite, Aluminum, or Extruded Ducts

Advantages of Rotomolding or Additive ManufacturingDisadvantages of Rotomolding or Additive Manufacturing
There is a lower cost per partPotential for conversion costs due to industry regulations
There is a potential for weight reduction of the partThere can be diameter to length restrictions (18” length per 1” diameter)
Supports complex geometriesThere are temperature constraints of the material
Reduces part count
It creates durable, fly-ready parts that withstand impact during installation and maintenance

What makes our Aerospace Solutions process different?

  • Value add services to save you time and eliminate additional expense
  • Engineering expertise to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs
  • We can utilize your electronic inventory management systems to optimize inventory on hand
  • Proprietary resins, manufactured in-house, are designed to meet OEM specifications
  • In-house materials testing to ensure your product is compliant
  • AS9100:2016 Rev D qualified Quality Management System
  • Rapid product realization to meet your deadline
  • Over 45 years of rotational molding and material development experience; 30 years of additive manufacturing experience

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