We have been compounding, grinding, and dry blending engineered resins for over 30 years. Our in-house materials laboratory is capable of performing mechanical, rheological, thermal, and flammability testing to ensure compliance to customer specifications.

Our custom formulation capabilities provide the flexibility to manufacture to your specifications. Whether you need a flight-ready resin that meets aerospace regulations or an inert thermoplastic liner, we can help you select the appropriate thermoplastic base material to meet your application and specification requirements.

Our Resins

This is a list of the base resins we provide. Contact us for more details on how purchase these resins or create a custom formulation.

To find the best material for your project, you may filter the list below by the application or process.

wdt_IDMaterialProcessApplicationMaximum Service TemperatureMaterial Available for SaleData Sheet
MaterialProcessApplicationMaximum Service TemperatureMaterial Available for SaleData Sheet